Naeem feat. Justin Vernon + Swamp Dogg: Simulation

LA-based Naeem (aka Naeem Juwan, formerly known as Spank Rock) is just one of the many artists in Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon’s 37d03d collective. The rapper returns with an industrial, deconstructed new single, “Simulation,” featuring production and vocal contributions from Vernon and singer Swamp Dogg. The combination results in a hip-hop track with a distinct and intriguing instrumental, and lyrics worth listening to a little more closely. “I wrote this song to remind myself, and hopefully everyone that hears it, that nothing is real and our greatest defense in this life is our own creativity and finding great faith in whatever sigils and icons we choose to guide us,” he says in a statement. The song is set to appear on the artist’s forthcoming album, Startishaout 12 June.