Premiere: “Bubblegum” by CAPYAC feat. KD Kinetic

An electropop track that colorfully highlights women's frustration with male aggression

For every empty electronic track out there doing little more than moving bodies on a dance floor, one’s like “Bubblegum” exists for those paying closer attention—for people who want to dance but know if they tune in a bit more, something of value is being conveyed. This single’s the latest release from Austin-based duo CAPYAC and features the vocals of KD Kinetic. As she explains, the song “unpacks the buildup of female frustration into a rousing ‘BITCH’ while still providing a catchy pop song that I think even misogynists could accidentally find themselves dancing too.” Beneath the lyrics, one finds CAPYAC’s charged but minimal techno, which they categorize as nudisco. The video itself features KD Kinetic along with dancers D’Lonte Watson and Kelsey Oliver—all set in rambunctious, monochromatic domestic scenes punctuated with enjoyable eccentricities. There’s enough here to indulge the eeriness of the spectacle, embrace the necessary and aggressive messaging or simply dance through it all for a good time.

Video and images courtesy of CAPYAC