DIY Bubblegum Kit

A gooey personalized treat for kids, and kids at heart

DIY-bubblegum-01.jpg DIY-bubblegum-02.jpg

Just in at Australia’s Third Drawer Down shop is a DIY bubblegum kit perfect for kids—or adults who love a little childlike fun. Inside the box is everything needed to make your own chewy, colorful, gooey bubbles: ingredients and flavoring, plus waxed paper and mixing containers as well as tools to use throughout the process. Because of the options offered with color and flavor, bubblegum chefs can get experimental, and each batch will probably be different than the last. The result is not necessarily the healthiest of treats, but certainly one of the most entertaining to create.

Each set comes with all the ingredients and equipment needed (along with instructions) and makes over a quarter of a pound of gum. The kit is now available for purchase online for $24, and is recommended for children over eight years old.

Images courtesy of Third Drawer Down