A photographic book of breasts is more than meets the eye


In the pictorial book “Cleavage,” ample bosoms fill tank tops, are adorned with necklaces, and press against a guitar. However, the cleavages photographed are actually the butt cracks of men and women. (Check out the hirsute bust in a cocktail dress.)


Bethany Fancher, a New York-based artist, invited family, friends and willing participants to model their posteriors in their homes, workplaces and staged sets. The illusions Fancher creates—with torsos and limbs in place—are hilariously clever, but also frankly address female objectification and sexuality.


She published “Cleavage” with the help of Kickstarter, where members can crowdsource funds for their projects. Fancher reached her goal of raising $8,500 in October last year, with the plan to print 500 copies of the book.