Megan Herbert's ink drawings contemplate being human

meg-breath.jpg meg-blood.jpg

Exploring some of the most basic elements of the human condition, Reykjavik-based illustrator Megan Herbert‘s beautiful new collection of prints depicts her take on blood, bones, breath, digestion and tradition.

Using a simple medium—India ink on white 150gsm Munken Polar Rough paper—Herbert created the “Commonality” series as an extension of her equally well-executed wrapping paper on the same theme. The intricate drawings tweak each subject, combining illustrations along with text and other symbols to add layers of meaning—a reclining man “digests” falling words ranging from “sentimental vintage” to “kittens,” while anatomical illustrations of women in yoga-like poses make up a skull and crossbones in “Bones.”


Limited to an edition of 50 black-and-white prints of each design, they sell (signed and numbered by Herbert) for €35 each. Also available, a run of 10 of each hand-colored, -signed and -numbered costs €100 each.