Cool Hunting’s Fall 2009 Playlist


As summer hanging makes way for classes and meetings, the changing season calls for a soundtrack of syncopated digital beats and rock 'n' roll jams for setting a productive mood. Of course, fall wouldn't be fall without shedding a small tear for the parties that had to end, romances that seem frivolous in fall and trees losing their leaves, which all feels most satisfyingly sad accompanied by simple melodic vocals and melancholy harmonies. For pensive moments, lyrical hip hop from the fringes of the industry feels about right. Oh, and did we mention the '80s? They're here too. (Launch the Player.)—With contributions from Mike Frank, Seth Brau, Doug Black, Ami Kealoha and Tim Yu

Armando Manzanero: Cuando Estoy Contigo
We wanted to start you off by taking you back. Armando Manzanero has performed with Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennet and Elvis Presley, to name a few. Although those performances were not to miss, we love this award winning track from 1965, "Cuando Estoy Contigo" (When I'm With You). Pick up the track on iTunes.

Kid Cudi: Make Her Say (Ft. Kanye West and Common)
With an addictive Lady Gaga sample, "Make Her Say" breaks from the reflective theme of Kid Cudi's breakthrough album to rhyme about sex, sex and more sex. Pick it up from seelights3.jpg


Yacht: I'm In Love With A Ripper
Yacht's debut album on his new label DFA has been making waves all summer with its richer more fleshed-out sound. "I'm in Love With a Ripper" is one of the many tracks that seamlessly mixes in DFA production values with the Portland musician's spazzy beats. Get it from