Crash and Daze at Adhoc Art



Longtime studio mates Crash and Daze join forces for a collaborative show of new work opening this Friday, 15 May 2009, at AdHoc Art in Brooklyn through next month. The exhibition is a juxtaposition of two close knit painters that have forged stellar careers with corresponding trajectories.

Both share roots in the New York City transit system subway graffiti movement of yesteryear and both predominantly work in spray paint on canvas.

Yet, stylistically, each has a distinctive approach reflected in their latest efforts. In one painting, Crash communicates in familiar, bold bursts of blue, red, yellow, orange and greenthe suggestion of an eye turned on top of itself, markedly influenced by Lichtenstein.

CrashOne3.JPG CrashOne2.JPG

Daze captures the element of whimsy, a New York of yesteryear, in one new work on exhibition at AdHoc. Against a muted blue sky, a train runs above ground against a concrete landscape, outlined by a flourish of stars and murky, figurative lettering. (Pictured top right.)

Crash and Daze have forged individual paths with works in museum collections and exhibited around the world. However, they thrive off of working in close proximity, dating back to their beginnings, and early showings such as a major exhibition at Sidney Janis Gallery in 1984. They’ve collaborated on murals and shown their work simultaneously at Musee D'Art Moderne et Art Contemporain in Nice, France, the Black and White in Color Gallery in Montepellier, France and at Gallery Structures in Paris, France. Here are two artists with an intertwined history. This latest show is a new page in the current chapter.

Crash and Daze
Opening Reception: 15 May 2009, 7-10pm
15 May-14 June 2009
Adhoc Art
49 Bogart Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206 map
tel. +1 718 366 2466