Cut and Paste 2007 World Tour Update


The International Cut and Paste Digital Design Tournament which kicked off on 8 September has been hosting live design events in various U.S. and European cities over the last couple of months with an Asian and Australian leg of the competition still to come. Watching Cut and Paste grow from their start in NYC, we're happily impressed to see of how far they've come in the couple years they've been around. A big part of their success is an ability to throw a great party and on the global tour the parties are bigger than ever.

Based on the idea that immersive design is good cause for cultural gathering, each event features eight designers going head to head to create an original design in 15 minute rounds while projectors stream their living designs across the venue and as a webcast.


Audience members and home viewers are encouraged to vote in real-time by text message or online and the prizes include a Adobe CS3 Master Collection.

Having completed events in Boston, New York, Portland, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, London and Berlin, exciting events in Tokyo (this Saturday, 3 November), Hong Kong (11 November) and Sydney (17 November) are still to come. After the jump see more photos of the events and a few of the winning designs.

San Francisco Winner: Erik Otto


London Winner: Tom Judd


New York Winner: Mate