Everest No Filter

A snapchat story of ascending the most epic mountain is underway

Utilizing brand new satellite technology, a team of tenured climbers are in the midst of sharing their ascent of the world’s most iconic mountain: Everest. Remarkably, they’re doing so via Snapchat, under the handle (and project banner) #EVERESTNOFILTER. The experience is literally taking the social media service to new heights—and giving viewers plenty of insight along the way. Adrian Ballinger and Cory Richards, two Alpinists—one of whom is a ski mountaineer and the other a photojournalist—are over a week into their program. Since, they’ve documented their preparation and progress, all the while making one thing clear: this is not a curated slideshow of iconic Everest images. There is a real side to the mountain, that extends beyond the glory or the tragedy. Two other elements of the trip cannot go unmentioned. First, the climbers are making their ascent without the aid of supplemental oxygen—a true challenge that’s uncommon nowadays. Second, both hope to raise awareness and even funds for locals on and around the mountain who were victims of the earthquake in April 2015. The Snapchat story is peppered with looks at charity and communities. Altogether, it’s a riveting look at a milestone adventure.

You can follow the #EVERESTNOFILTER story on Snapchat now.

Images courtesy of Adrian Ballinger and Cory Richards