Everest Isles Mayol Swim Trunks

Industrial grade nautical materials constructed with a classic style


Whether you lost yours last summer and need a replacement pair, or you are simply looking to up your swim style game this year, you may want to take a look at Everest Isles‘ soon-to-launch Mayol swim trunks, available 26 April. Designed after extensive conversation with seasoned sailors, the new Mayol takes nautical inspiration to the next level.


Knowing nobody likes a soggy suit, the Mayol is made from abrasion-resistant, quick-drying Schoeller Dynamic fabric. A side pocket sits comfortably on each hip, with the left sized specifically to house a waterproof Seal Line cell phone case. While our sample pair featured standard, Italian-made Riri zippers, the production run Mayol will be reinforced with color matched, non corrosive Riri Décore UV resistant zippers and a solid fiberglass and titanium “Sub Mariner” pull. The understated front tie is also high performance—made from racing yacht cordage made by UK-based Marlowe.

Everest-Isles-side-pocket-1.jpg Everest-Isles-side-pocket-2.jpg

As for fit, they’re short and slim. The 16″ length lands mid thigh, well above the knee. Aside from the upgraded zipper tech, the style is practically timeless. And the heavyweight Schoeller fabric is surprisingly comfortable, too—I had originally intented to be wearing them while writing this, but the rather brave cut and unflatteringly cold office temp quickly changed my mind. For the beach or boat, however, they’re just the trick.

Available 26 April, the Mayol swim trunk from Everest Isles will retail for around $185.

Images by Graham Hiemstra