For Love & Art: Sharing With Seniors

Technology and fine art collide in a device bringing museums to the elderly

loveartseniors1.jpg loveartseniors2.jpg

A Texas-based project, For Love & Art helps the elderly living in hospices enjoy fine works of art during their last days through digital photos. A partnership between art galleries and museums brings thousands of pieces of fine art to Digital Foci‘s eight-inch high-resolution digital LCD notebooks for viewing by those who are no longer able to travel.

Already NYC’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and Washington D.C.’s The National Gallery of Art have joined the ranks of image contributors, but organizers are looking to expand the 1000-piece collection.

Dallas’ Touching Our World Foundation is asking for people to donate and spread this program to other hospices. As our population continues to gray, it’s important to think about art and design in the golden years whether it be a quirky paint-dipped cane or a sober assessment of design for future retirement complexes.