Foreign Neighbors: A Solo Show by SiMPLE

The vibrant US debut of the Sweden-based artist and more, curated by a NYC collective


Tomorrow, 28 September 2013, creative collective Foreign Neighbors unveils its inaugural New York City exhibition. The event will be the US debut of German-born, Sweden-based artist SiMPLE, whose work modernizes Cubist sensibilities with graffiti freedom. However, the show isn’t only about art. Foreign Neighbors co-founder Nader Rajab says the process behind and inception of both the collective and the launch as an “organic process, playing on our friends’ talents.” These friends—some who have known one another for over 20 years—began the creative venture of producing exhibitions for both local and global talent as an outlet; something that wasn’t a day job.

foreign-neighbors.jpg foreign-neighbors-1A.jpg

“A lot of little stories went into the formation of Foreign Neighbors,” Rajab says. “I was surrounded by an amazing group of extremely talented friends who were creating everything from clothing to food.” Rajab mobilized his creative sphere, and this opening will be their first. Even SiMPLE’s involvement came through friendship; Rajab was introduced to him while visiting a friend in Gothenburg. SiMPLE had been receiving international acclaim for his role in the German street art scene and distinct, mind-bending style—3D illusions, drawn from a crisp color palette, which are inspired by his surroundings. Geometry meets surrealism, and clean lines play shape-defying tricks on the mind. Not only is this SiMPLE’s first show in the US, despite international coverage and acclaim—it’s also his first time here.

Held at Ludlow Studios, the one-off show commences at 7:00 P.M. and is open to the public. It will also feature local Foreign Neighbors friends Cheeky Sandwiches, Festival and Feast Wine Co, and Alphabet City Brewing Co., all of whom are sponsoring the event.

Images courtesy of SiMPLE