Daniel Eric Weiss Photography

by Andrew Simkiss

There are always a plethora of young photographers in New York City, shooting everything from fashion pages to blog snaps and party photos. You might see them in a studio, lighting up some street corner or at the bar flashing away. Daniel Eric Weiss is none of these. Born and raised on the Upper West Side, Danny is a photographer for photography's sake, snapping portraits and landscapes all around Manhattan with a friendly eye and a hometown sensibility. At only 20 years old, he wanders the streets like a young Andre Kertesz, meeting neighbors, friends and strangers and exposing it all to film as he goes, his Leica always in tow.

His work is beautifully composed street photography, so if a well-dressed young gentleman with a scruffy red beard and a deep voice asks to take your picture, you might consider saying yes. Click images for larger view or visit his site.