The New Health Rules

Dr Frank Lipman's definitive new guide to whole-body wellness


Striking a balance between accessible, easy-to-execute and comprehensive in nature, “The New Health Rules” by Dr Frank Lipman and Danielle Claro maps out longterm habits worth integrating into everyday life. This is no fad diet and these aren’t temporary tricks. The real challenge happens to be continued commitment to what clearly represents a beneficial and healthy habit. Lipman practices integrated medicine and this book targets the whole self—physical, emotional and mental—for improved day-to-day wellness and increased longevity.


Lipman partners roughly 100 easy tips with 98 images. Ranging from “music can work like meditation” to “what are omega-3s, and why do they matter?” the entries are comprehensive, well-explored and resonant. There are recipes for breakfast (like the Greeno Mojito Smoothie) and a thoughtful reinforcement on sleep training. Lipman also proposes washing the air with lush plant life in one’s home. Some of this advice might feel like a casual reminder, while others may feel acutely scientific, but bundled together this book is a manual on how to treat yourself well.

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Images by Cool Hunting