Friedberg: Never Gonna Pay The Rent

Friedberg—the London-based all-women desert-rock outfit helmed by Austrian singer-songwriter Anna Friedberg—returns with the vibe-y pop tune “Never Gonna Pay The Rent.” Friedberg originally conjured the sound for her band in the middle of the night in room number eight at the Joshua Tree Inn. “The Friedberg story continued in the same desert on my return trip there the following year when a friend and I revisited some places of the Beat Poets on a road trip and ended up in Joshua Tree again,” Friedberg says. “My friend was particularly frustrating on this trip, so I decided to slip into his mindset and wrote ‘Never gonna pay the rent’ through his lens of the world.” She continues, “In a way this song is my attempt to get out of this toxic skin (even if it doesn’t quite work out just yet within my song). I hope it can be an anthem toward a route of togetherness rather than individualism.”