Genesis Owusu: Same Thing

Ghanaian-Australian artist Genesis Owusu (aka Kofi Owusu-Ansah) released his debut album Smiling with No Teeth just months ago, but quickly follows it with the dazzling, synth- and funk-drenched “Same Thing”—a song that was recorded during the SWNT sessions, but ultimately didn’t make the record. Owusu says the band made some 60 hours of music. “The songs chosen for the album conveyed a very specific narrative, but we also made a lot of great music that didn’t necessarily fit the album’s narrative points. ‘Same Thing’ was one of the tracks born from the seemingly limitless SWNT” he says. “The track is still in the realm of the album’s themes of mental health (more specifically, the crazy shit the mind makes up).” The song comes accompanied by a trippy, colorful video by Byron Spencer.

Image by Byron Spencer