Holly Miranda: Held Together

From recording artist Holly Miranda (co-founder of The Catskills-based independent label Eye Knee Records) comes “Held Together,” a single that sets her soulful, incisive vocals atop a layered jam-band-like landscape. “We are held together by tears and heartbreak,” Miranda croons through the moving track, which was co-produced by Chris Maxwell and features backing vocals by Amb. Parsley, two of the singer-songwriter’s frequent collaborators. “Chris and Kells let us put a studio in the treehouse so me and Holly could earn extra cash writing boutique songs for strangers,” Parsley says. “Songs about sharks, and the TV show Quantum Leap, various cats, graduating etymology students and hockey. We made a Holly Miranda record, because it needed doing, each of us emptying our pockets of every song, scrap and sweetie. Today’s offering, ‘Held Together,’ was penned by our dear Chris Maxwell.”