Winning Imagery from the iPhone Photography Awards 2018

Recognizing especially talented photographers using the pocket-sized devices

Photographers across the world use filters, frames and high-tech tools to make their work look great. But sometimes the simplest option does the job best. The iPhone Photography Awards—which have recognized photographers for their iPhone skills since 2008—recently announced their latest collection of winners. This year’s winning images span various categories, from nature to architecture, travel, portrait, the abstract and more.

Two winners in particular (one of the competition’s grand prize, Photographer of the Year, and one of the second place prize in Portrait Photography) truly stand out from the pack because of the raw and the immersive qualities in their work. KuangLong Zhang, winner of the latter award, boasts a portfolio with an archival air—the type of photography that invokes adventure and caters to the curious. Jashim Salam, the grand winner, takes photos meticulous minds can admire—they’re carefully composed, perfectly aligned and reminiscent of those moments when life looks right.

The photos both winners submitted—and all who entered the competition—adhered to a strict set of guidelines: iOS editing apps are allowed, previous publication is not, iPhone only. The results were raw glimpses of human life; insight into the lives of thousands at any given moment. A phone rarely leaves its owner’s sight, after all.

Images courtesy iPhone Photography Awards