Winning Photos from Apple’s Shot on the iPhone Macro Challenge

Otherworldly pieces of sea glass in Argentina, a transfixing strawberry in soda, the enchanting latticework of snowflakes and more photographs comprise the 10 winners of Apple’s Shot on the iPhone Macro Challenge. Tasked with capturing the smallest details on an iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, photographers around the world set out to illuminate the beauty of macro photography, as well as the capabilities of phone photography, by transforming mundane details into fantastical microcosms and overlooked subjects into unfamiliar beauties. This year, a panelist of judges—Anand Varma, Apeksha Maker, Peter McKinnon, Paddy Chao, Yik Keat Lee, Arem Duplessis, Billy Sorrentino, Della Huff, Kaiann Drance and Pamela Chen—selected the winning images. View these mesmerizing shots, along with why they were selected, at Apple.

Image of “Sea Glass” by Guido Cassanelli (, courtesy of the photographer/Apple