It’s Pop It’s Art: Imagine by John Lennon


Someone once said to me if "Imagine" by John Lennon was never played again, it wouldn't matter, given how deeply embedded in popular culture it is. Love it or hate it, I bet all of you could sing it to yourselves right now.

Me, I'm a lover, which is why I'm really pleased this print from Airside is now finally available as part of the "It's Pop It's Art" collaboration we wrote about at the end of last year. Apparently, it's taken so much longer than the other songs to be made because a certain Ms. Ono had to cast her approving eye over the design.

Luckily she okayed it, because I think designer Chris Rain has created something that perfectly reflects the songs utopian theme. Lennon's lyrics are debossed onto either blue, gray or white art paper, so they fade in and out of sight as the light, or the viewer's perspective, alters. Each color is limited to 100 signed and numbered prints that cost £150 each.