James Worrell: A Day In the Life

Applying his skills as a still life photographer to tell a personal story, James Worrell recently pieced together the aspects of his day—from the schlepping to the shooting—in a video montage full of saturated hues and compelling compositions that highlights his photographer's life. (click on images for expanded view)

From leaving at dawn and stopping at Dunkin Donuts to maneuvering the city in a car packed full of equipment, Worrell shows the pace of his day to a tune from (CH fave) The XX.

Working under the Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe "less is more" philosophy, Worrell distills the essence of his day into a elegantly articulate narrative, playing on the minimalism of his still images to break down the story into simple elements.

Check out his video on his site and see more of our favorite images after the jump. (Click all images for detail.)