Jonathan Schipper: Irreversibility


With his high-concept mechanics, artist Jonathan Schipper's latest exhibition, "Irreversibility," is just as stunningly clever as the animatronic sculpture we watched him build a few years ago.

Held at Brooklyn's Pierogi Gallery, the show is both a spectacle and showcase of recent sculptures and installations by Schipper, including "The Slow Inevitable Death of American Muscle," (pictured above) in which a live, head-on collision takes place over six weeks or so. Broken down into its Newtonian components, the wreck forces viewers to contemplate their own mortality. Also on display will be "Measuring Angst," (pictured below) in which a beer bottle is thrown across a 45-foot room, smashes and attempts to reassemble itself, symbolizing our own reconstruction thanks to modern-day science.


Schipper's inquisitive art is indisputably brilliant, his philosophy that art is a mechanism for understanding is apparent in each of his insightful undertakings.

Opening Reception: 15 May 2009, 7-10pm
15 May-28 June 2009
Pierogi Gallery
191 North 14th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211 map
tel. +1 718 599 2144