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Jordi Up Late: Same Moon

Not only does LA-based recording artist Jordi Up Late entrance with her pensive new electro-pop track, “Same Moon,” she also directed, animated and edited its official music video. “Same Moon is about cosmic energy tying us to people in our future who we are destined to love but have yet to meet,” Jordi tells us. “I’ve never really been in love, only in like or in lust. I get anxious about wanting to feel that sensation, but in the end I’m patient and OK with waiting—not forcing emotions that aren’t there. The song is about having faith in the nature of the unknown.” In the music video, she “explores a collection of meditative spaces and life forms which evolve and reveal matter to the pulse of the void and the cosmic map.” It’s a rumination on the path between anticipation and loneliness—and it’s magnetic, too.

Photo by Isabel Damberg


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