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Kasabian’s Rockin’ the House


Their self-titled debut drops on Tuesday, although itís been out in the UK since last fall. These guys, from Leicester in the middle of the country, have a cocksure attitude that rivals the grand swagger of the Gallaghers. Their music reflects both ë60s psychedelia and late ë80s/early ë90s acid house pop in the form of Primal Scream.

I saw them a few nights ago in Chicago in a short set opening for the Music (although the slots shouldíve been reversed because in my opinion the Music are bland and boring) and in the 35 minutes they were on stage, they put on a show that reminded me of the first time I saw the Verve: thrilling, energetic, exciting and chock full of great tunes.

Over the weekend, I interviewed guitartist/songwriter Sergio Pizzorno, who, despite being labeled cocky, was laid back and sincere. These guys are young, want to party on the road and are determined to get everyone listening to their music. Theyíve already won over the U.K. and are working on the States. If you can check them out now, do. If not, theyíll be back to headline their own tour in May.

Check out the album on iTunes UK store; my favorite track is ìReason is Treason.î


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