Let’s Dance

Three London workout spots offering creative ways to sweat

FrameUK-4.jpg FrameUK-3.jpg

To help motivate Britons who might’ve indulged a little too heavily over winter, we rounded up three London gyms that make fitness more fun with dance-inspired classes—geared toward anyone who’s ever had jazz-hands fantasies.



Aware that most look for a quick fix—or at the very least a painless approach to exercise—the owners of London’s new dance, fitness and holistic studio Frame created a friendly, laid-back exercise environment, welcoming drop-ins at anytime.

Located in the East London fashion/design capital of Shoreditch, Frame’s wealth of get-fit-and-have-fun dance classes include Dancercise, Diva, Street Jazz, Music Video, Commercial Hip Hop and ’80s Aerobics. In addition, Frame also offers all the usual (and not-so-usual) exercise mediums, like Pilates, yoga, Jane Fonda Tribute, Hula-Hooping and Bend It Like Barbie.

Creation Dance Studio

Beckoning the dance fever of the late ’70s, Creation Dance Studio fuses old-school disco with commercial jazz in their Disco Heaven dance classes to get you looking fly in those pimped-out platforms.

Inspired by Madonna, Michael Jackson, the film “Carwash” and more, the 12-week courses guarantee you’ll sweat it out and smile at the same time—to tunes that are so bad they’re good. With locations from Blackpool to Oxford, they also have partner studios worldwide, and if you realize that disco isn’t exactly your idea of heaven, Creation Dance Studio will refund your money.

Factory Fitness

For anyone hiding a much-loved copy of “Bring It On,” Factory Fitness offers the opportunity you’re (secretly) dying for. This hip London exercise and dance center offers a weekly dose of Cheeracise—a high-energy, full body workout that combines a fast-paced stream of chants, kicks and those ever-so-important pom-pom air punches. If cheerleading doesn’t entice you to get moving, Factory Fitness also offers Contemporary Rock, Pole Fitness and Bollywood Fusion, in addition to traditional exercise classes.