Limited Edition Two Tone Posters


As influential as the music they supported, the Two Tone Records graphic system created an iconic look for British bands that fused Jamaican ska and rocksteady with contemporary punk and pop in the late '70s. Known for the black and white checkerboard and crisp, bold elements, the treatment unified the fashion and music of the period and remains a highly referenced theme today.

Two Tone was the brainchild of Specials keyboard player, Jerry Dammers, who's intention was to create a label with its own identity and sound. Between 1979 to 1985, Two Tone released 31 singles and 13 albums for bands like The Specials, The Selecter, The Beat, Madness, Bad Manners and The Bodysnatchers.

Working under the close creative direction of Dammers, David Storey and John ‘Teflon’ Sims developed the Two Tone style through the creation of sleeves and hundreds of promotional items. After 30 years, Storey pays tribute to the look by re-releasing six limited edition posters of 100 glicèe prints.


The posters are available through Storey for £88 or £450 for all six.