Link About It: Société Perrier

Spiritual warriors, cotton candy landscapes and more from an online destination for global nightlife and culture

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To celebrate 14 months of Société Perrier‘s stellar web content, we pulled together a highlight reel of stories since the 2011 launch. The discerning hub has served to expose readers to the latest on the most fascinating cultural icons, killer tunes and excellent beverages. Check out our picks to brush up on sexual theme parks, 14-ingredient cocktails and a spa in the Serengeti.


1. “The 14” by Belvedere Vodka and Perrier

Société Perrier enlists the help of Belvedere’s master mixologist Claire Smith to present “The 14,” a refreshing lemon tea cocktail. The ambitious concoction aims to incorporate flavors from 14 ingredients—albeit in an unconventional manner. The drink blends three Belvedere flavored vodkas that together create the complex but drinkable mix, while frothy egg whites and a splash of Perrier round out the citrusy dram.

2. The Herbaliser

Mashing up genres from jazz to funk to rap, The Herbaliser celebrates the release of the upcoming album “There Were Seven” with a 14-track mix for Perrier. The 30-minute mix tape features jams from Rasheed Chappell, DJ Format, Gary Wright and Tony Camillo’s Bazuka. The 14-month anniversary track is annotated with explanatory liner notes from The Herbaliser’s DJ Ollie.

3. Four Seasons Serengeti

Nestled in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park, the Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti—formerly Bilila lodge—is an ultra-luxe compound in the midst of the region’s heavily trafficked animal migration route. With critter counts reaching the millions, there’s little chance you’ll escape without spying at least one wildebeest. Photography expeditions by day are capped with evenings spent at the infinity pool and spa.


4. 14 Crazy Locales

Leave Cabo and the Riviera to the spring breakers—these 14 off-the-grid destinations are as hard to to believe as they are to get to. From sexual theme parks in South Korea to cotton candy landscapes in rural Turkey, Perrier wrangles up the most unexpected, intrepid vacation options from the world over.

5. Ryan Riss

Dark graphic renderings with a vintage sensibility mark the work of Ryan Riss, an illustrator with a flair for the macabre. In an interview for Société Perrier, Riss opens up about his OCD tendencies, a blogging persuasion and being “a spiritual warrior for a tropical future.”

6. Millionaire Art

For those with high hopes of a seven-figure salary, Société Perrier gathers 14 of the most covetable works of art around. Erwin Wurm’s “Fat Car” and Jenny Saville’s “Red Stare Head” highlight a list of outsider icons and household names. Who says there’s anything wrong with a little wishful thinking?