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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Multi-account ATM cards, A.P.C. quilts, mini macaroons and more in our look at the week on the web


1. Minifood and Modular Dollhouses

From tiny boxes of Laudurée macaroons to finely-detailed salmon steaks, architect Stéphanie Kilgast’s miniatures are Lilliputian works of wonder.

2. In Search of the Miraculous or One Thing Leads to Another

In Search of the Miraculous or One Thing Leads to Another” explores esteemed designer Milton Glaser‘s sources of inspiration and how a single source can inspire a range of very different, though intrinsically-related, work. The show’s currently on view at AIGA‘s New York City Gallery.

3. Roberu iPhone Case Natural

Another Something just updated their Another Shop, adding three key products—The Royal Treatment shoe polish along with a handmade leather camera strap and iPhone case from esteemed Japanese label Roberu.

4. IDEO’s Future of the Book

Design and innovation consultants IDEO explore the future of the book in

their video
about three new concepts, Nelson, Coupland and Alice. The experimental concepts explore how technology can influence the way we interact with books through discussion, social networking and constructing a community around the content.


5. Chromeo-poo

The PICNIC Festival just wrapped up in Amsterdam (stay tuned for our highlights next week) and Core77 picked up Alexander Daisy Ginsberg’s conceptual presentation on E.Chromi. The color-changing pigment could be used to alert you of disease.

6. Milk Carton Castle

Spanish architect students claimed the Guiness Book of Record for largest sculpture built out of recyclable materials with a large-scale milk carton castle. With school children helping to collect and donate 50,000 milk cartons, the tower stands at 29 meters (about 95 feet) long, 14.07 meters (46 feet) wide and seven meters (almost 23 feet) high.

7. FollowUpThen

With the onslaught of email in our daily lives, it’s easy for messages that need your reply to get buried or for responses you’re waiting on to become forgotten. By simply cc’ing or bcc’ing a time interval at (e.g. you or both parties are sent a friendly reminder if the anticipated reply hasn’t been sent within the specified period.

8. A.P.C. Quilt Project

Selectism announced that Jessica Ogden’s quilt collaboration with A.P.C.’s Jean Touitou will be hitting stores later this month. Seven different designs will be reproduced in runs of 30, each using materials from the extensive A.P.C. archive.


9. Sperone Westwater Gallery

Of the many architectural marvels of the new Foster + Partners-designed Sperone Westwater building, the 12′ x 20′ “moving gallery” is perhaps the most clever. The giant elevator adds dynamic space for showing art and the shaft both shades the art and cuts down on heat gain.

10. See the Leaves Video

Adding yet another nude music video to their eclectic collection, The Flaming Lips release their latest music video, See the Leaves (from the Embryonic album), featuring a nude girl walking through everyday life scenarios after she drinks from a stream released from a giant vulva-like ball.

11. MultiAccount and Hidden Credit Cards

Dyamics Inc. gives a short presentation outlining two of their new products directed at debit and credit card customers. So far they have rolled out the MultiAccount and the Hidden which requires the user to type in a PIN code to reveal the number on the card and activate the magnetic strip.

12. You Are the City

Petra Kempf’s You Are the City is difficult to classify. Not quite a book, the set of 22 individual cels each feature a breakdown of the different forces that make the modern city tick, from bus lines to immigration patterns. There’s a charm in the non-linearity and simple, colorful illustrations that should appeal to more than just architects, urban planners, and hardcore nerds.


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