Link About It: This Week’s Picks

The latest deep sea discoveries, Ji Lee's quirky apartment, fonts for Haiti and unhappy hipsters


1. Eight Bizarre Newly-Discovered Deep Sea Creatures

From the white furry arms of the Yeti crab to the delicate pink body of the transparent sea cucumber, these beautiful otherworldly photos hint at the wonders of the world beneath.
via @typefiend

2. Font Aid IV

The Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA) called the creative community to task with Font Aid IV, asking designers to contribute to an
ampersand-only font collection
with proceeds going to Doctors without Borders’ efforts to help Haiti.
via You Work For Them

3. Them Thangs

Visual inspiration celebrating sex, music, the ’60s, motorcycles, art, fashion, the West, rebels, graphic design, film, drugs and everything in between makes for an addictively browsable site.
via @Street_Carnage

4. Trade School

The latest concept to set up shop at the Lower East Side’s revolving storefront Grand Opening, Trade School runs through the end of next month affording you the opportunity to barter basic goods and services in exchange for lessons in things such as “Business School for Artists” and “Big and Small Bookmaking.”

via Holiday Matinee

5. Material Short Stories

Springwise recently highlighted the sustainably-driven service Material Short Stories, which aims to help product designers or manufacturers find five new sustainable materials they can use for any product design they submit.

6. Ji Lee’s Apartment

Known for his work with Google’s Creative Genius, as well as for being an accomplished designer and artist in his own right, Sight Unseen gave us an inside look at Ji Lee‘s East Village apartment, which he’s wittily adorned with plenty of Japanese toys and other fun oddities.

7. Cholesterol’s Revenge

What can only be described as a kind of visual feast, Cholesterol’s Revenge collects photographs of bizarrely arranged foods from various Vogue and House and Garden editorials.

8. MultiClock

Tokyo-based PO-COM developed some of the most attractive, clean, as well as colorful graphic interfaces for its world clock iPhone app multiClock, allowing you to view multiple time zones on one face.

via Graphic Hug

9. Unhappy Hipster

Lampooning Dwell’s more-modern-than-thou tendencies by pairing pithy made-up captions with images from the magazine makes for a satisfying laugh.

10. Five Ways the iPad Will Change Magazine Design

Pentagram designer Luke Hayman shares his insightful list on the ways magazine design and distribution will change in order to adapt to the new iPad.