London’s ONGallery + Poliform Present “On Form”

An art and photograpy exhibition featuring emerging photographers Dominic White and Nicole Bergman

In 2014, Peter Neilson founded digital platform ONGallery to bring exclusive artwork (some from acclaimed creators, others from emerging talent) directly to consumers—at a reasonable price. This coming Tuesday and Wednesday, ONGallery, in partnership with London furniture and design shop Poliform will host a physical exhibition: “On Form.” Its goal is two-fold: to announce ONGallery’s new “Interior Designers Club” (which grants designers access to ONGallery’s offerings and expertise) and to show new, exclusive art and photography. While the roster of offerings includes names like Helmut Newton and Frank Worth, there’s also a good crop of new talent, as well.

Among the new works, NYC-based fine arts photography duo Dominic White and Nicole Bergman have two pieces on display. The photographers have already shown in London, Miami and New York City. This is their first time presenting with ONGallery, and the two pieces, Lislee House (taken in Cork, Ireland) and 3AM (taken in NYC), both capture an elegant figure, midway between the hypnotic fantasy and reality of nighttime. The duo, appreciative of the work ONGallery does, actually initiated the relationship. As Bergman explains to CH, “We really liked the artists ONGallery represents and their concept, so we reached out to the curator. She liked our work and felt we were a good fit.”

“The work we have included is part of an ongoing series,” White says. “We try to incorporate what is going on in our lives. We’ll be visiting friends and family and we’ll stumble upon a location that intrigues us.” Bergman adds, “Then we build a story around it. Stories mainly driven by feelings and then we create a character to portray them.” The two met while studying at NYC’s International Center of Photography, began dating and have worked together since 2014. To be placed beside works from many famed artists is less important to them than ONGallery’s digital structure: “With traditional galleries you have to be in a particular city at a particular time. We both come from very dispersed backgrounds with friends and family on different continents,” Bergman notes. “We like how with ONGallery it becomes very globalized and people anywhere in the world can see our work. The feedback we get helps us keep creating.” With the two pieces speaking to their aesthetic and interests, we look forward to seeing more from them both.

“On Form” will run from 23 to 24 February 2016, at Poliform’s King’s Road showroom, 276-8 King’s Rd, London, United Kingdom. RSVP in advance is essential and can be done online.

“Lislee House” and “3AM” images courtesy of White & Bergman, Matthias Haker’s “Light & Shadow” and Helmut Newton’s “Shoe” courtesy of ONGallery