L’Rain: Two Face

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist L’Rain (aka Taja Cheek) will follow her eponymous 2017 album with Fatigue this June. From the album comes “Two Face,” a complex collage of sounds that’s simultaneously chaotic and perfectly polished. The swirling song employs elements of R&B and jazz, with digital effects, crisp percussion and haunting vocals. The Brooklyn-based artist says, “This is a song about a falling out with a friend. The friend was a gemini, hence the title ‘Two Face.’ The song is a disjointed imaginary conversation between us. The ‘spooky’ parts of the song have the most optimistic lyrics, and the ‘sunny’ parts have the bleakest lyrics. The song is mostly a reflection on regret, because the dissolution of our friendship was absolutely my fault and it still haunts me.”