Skateboarding takes a magical realism turn in a new dark comedy currently on the film fest circuit

Machotaildrop-2.jpg Machotaildrop-1.jpg

Written and directed by filmmaking team Corey Adams and Alex Craig, the new adventure comedy “Machotaildrop” tells a story positioning skateboarding not just as merely a trivial pastime of the young, but rather as a noble pursuit worthy of the highest cultural recognition.

Winners of Fuel TV‘s two-year competition “The Fuel Experiment” for their short film “Harvey Spannos,” the duo used the one million in prize money to produce the feature-length farce in Budapest.

The film follows lead character and amateur skateboarder Walter Rhum on his journey to go pro for the world’s greatest skateboard company. Beginning with an invite to Machotaildrop’s headquarters, the tale unfolds as he uncovers the dark underbelly of what initially seems a benign operation.


Walter’s fantasy life dissolves into a dizzying nightmare as he uncovers the company’s owner The Baron’s exploitative schemes and delusional antics, forcing him to ultimately face the reality of the company’s downfall—all with plenty of skating.

Now playing in selected cities across North America, Machotaildrop premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, and will screen at Tribeca Cinemas on 21 May 2010. Pick up tickets from the Tribeca site for the screening.