Mark Grotjahn at Aspen Art Museum

Lift tickets, lodges and museums carry the artist's abstract representations

Mark_Grotjahn_Aspen1a.jpg Mark_Grotjahn_Aspen1b.jpg

Surveying more than two decades of work by contemporary artist Mark Grotjahn, the new exhibition at the Aspen Art Museum provides a comprehensive overview of his paintings, drawings, installations and sculptures. Known for his rigidly geometric Op Art-like compositions, which earned him the honor of exhibiting at the 2006 Whitney Biennial, in Aspen Grotjahn will also move beyond museum walls with a sculptural invasion spread across the four peaks of Snowmass Mountain.

Mark_Grotjahn_Aspen2a.jpg Mark_Grotjahn_Aspen2b.jpg

A limited-edition ski pass bearing images of Grotjahn’s mask sculptures will sell from Aspen resorts this weekend, where skiers and riders can enjoy the public sculptures that have been erected around the mountain. Grotjahn’s ability to walk the line between representation and abstractions is something that really comes through in this sculptural series.

Mark_Grotjahn_Aspen3a.jpg Mark_Grotjahn_Aspen3b.jpg

The sculptures themselves are made of primed cardboard that has been mounted on linen. The layered effect of the artist’s brush and palette knife creates the textures that define the mask sculptures. The pieces are featured on five different lift passes, and Grotjahn’s physical works be on display in the museum and surrounding areas through 22 April 2012.