Arctic Husky Adventure

Help support one man's epic expedition to combat meningitis


While some run or walk for a cause, Mark Jobling will drive a team of huskies 155 miles across the frozen Arctic Lapland to help in the fight against the life-threatening disease meningitis. His charitable tack has already brought results in fact, inspiring Woolrich to recently donate one of their classic Arctic parkas—a coat filled with super-warm down and kitted out with essential features to fight the elements, such as a HydroGuard water-resistant finish and hand-warming pockets.

Jobling, currently in training, will put the gear to use come 26 March 2011. The goal of his efforts is to raise at least £3,000 for the Meningitis Trust—more specifically for the Stan Jobling Tribute Fund. Inspired by his nephew Stan, who passed away from meningitis after he was diagnosed at just three-years-old, Jobling explains, this money “enables the vital work of raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of meningitis.” Some forms of the inflammation can also be prevented through proper vaccination, but in countries where the risk is the highest, sadly the vaccine is still too expensive.

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Learn more about Stan (be prepared to shed some tears) and donate by visiting the Meningitis Trust site. Mark’s expedition can also be followed on Facebook, where he writes about the hardships of training and posts beautiful photos of the Adventure.