Martin and Muñoz Snow Globes

The quaint winter scenes often seen inside traditional snow globes turn deliciously bizarre and sinister in the hands of Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz.  Known for their highly-detailed dioramas of tiny figures exiled in frozen landscapes, past creations by artists Martin and Muñoz have included a horse walking away as a man hangs from a tree, and a man dangling a baby over an open well.  Now the duo has collaborated with Cerealart to create a limited edition of three different snow-globes.

Each globe (pictured above, click for detail) is almost five inches in diameter and six inches tall and comes in a signed/numbered edition of 250.  They are available for pre-order ($750) through Cerealart and Unica Home. 

The couple has also been building dioramas with the sole purpose of photographing them.  Some of these amazing images can be seen on their website, as well as on the website of their gallery P.P.O.W.