Cool Hunting Video Presents: Matthew Herbert: Nugroove vol. 6

Matthew Herbert shines some light on his latest release, which uses north of 700 samples of everything from birds and gas pumps to coffins and voice mails

Scale, a critically-acclaimed album that includes over 700 samples of ambient noises like birds, gas pumps, breakfast cereal, coffins, mobile phones and babies crying, as well as voice mails left on “Herbert’s Hotline,” a phone he set up for the project. Cool Hunting Video’s 61st episode shows Herbert making field recordings inside caves and up in a hot air balloon, among other unconventional locales, sits down with the innovator in NYC for an interview and catches his live show at Irving Plaza. We also get DJ and BBC Radio 1 host Gilles Peterson‘s take on his fellow countryman, as well as some words from Maurice Bernstein, co-founder of the New York dance party turned label and PR firm, Giant Step. The result is an exclusive look at one of the most influential musicians of today and his idiosyncratic approach—in the studio, knee-deep in the ocean and live on stage—to making music.