This Museum is Full of Fake Art

With forged versions of paintings by Rembrandt, Picasso and Renoir; fake diaries said to be written by Hitler; and more, this Vienna museum is full of phony pieces. Diane Grobe, co-owner and founder of the Museum of Art Fakes, was inspired to open the museum thanks to German artist Edgar Mrugalla who created over 3,500 forged artworks. “Three types of works exist inside the museum: copies, meaning it’s a legitimate copy of an existing artwork but does not claim that it’s by the original artist—and for this museum, the original painter should have been deceased for at least 70 years; a standard forgery, which is a piece done in the style of a certain painter and labeled with that artist’s name; or an identical forgery—a copy of an existing piece of artwork labeled with the original artist’s name.” A fascinating concept and surely a worthwhile place to visit. Read more at Smithsonian Mag.