NamelessleTTer Project


Meant to provoke curiosity, NamelessleTTer is a new project in which people from all horizons leave personalized notes or bookmarks in random books with the goal of seeing other readers discover them. The nameless creators of NamelessleTTer ask that your unattributed note is as well-suited and clever as possible, like this McDonald's Korea receipt left in an edition of Zagat 2009 or the Get Out of Jail Free" card put between the pages of "Escape From Alcatraz."

Similar to PostSecret, NamelessleTTer is an ongoing collaborative art project that encourages interaction through anonymity. While the submissions are displayed in an online forum, the goal is to encourage people to visit libraries and bookstores in hopes of discovering one of these quirky bookmarks, and to bring a new and exciting aspect to book reading in a world that is becoming increasingly digital. Give it a try, leave a little surprise in your favorite book or join the community and see if you can't find the latest letter.