Nick Leng: Easy

From waves of ukulele and enchanting falsetto to an ever-expanding, psych-inflected soundscape, recording artist Nick Leng’s “Easy” feels both intimate and infinite. It’s the latest single from the South Africa born, Los Angeles-based indie-rocker’s forthcoming second LP, Spirals (out 22 July). “It was an idea I had almost five years ago,” Leng tells COOL HUNTING about the track. “The riff was created on a ukulele and it was the first thing I came up with when I picked up the instrument. I hope listeners take whatever they want from it! It means so many different things to me, but my hope is that people can listen and associate their own meanings and memories with it.” Speaking of the inspiration behind the entire album’s masterful production and instrumentation, Leng adds that it “Often changes—sometimes it’s with sonics, textures, production. Sometimes it’s a journal entry. Sometimes it’s just discipline.”