Non-Profit SkatePal Empowers Young Palestinians Through Skateboarding

Launched in 2013, SkatePal—a non-profit organization founded by Edinburgh-based Charlie Davis—seeks to support youth in occupied Palestine by fostering skateboard culture. The idea was sparked in 2006, when Davis skated down the streets in Palestine (where he was teaching) and found that his peers were intrigued. Realizing the physical and mental benefits that outdoor activities have on adolescents, Davis set out to build some of Palestine’s best skateparks, while also providing equipment and hosting lessons and summer camps for local youth. “These things transpose boundaries and political situations to create a sense of community and self-confidence,” he says. “Building concrete parks in Palestine means a lot more than it does over here because of the lack of space and the occupation.” For the community, particularly besieged by political strife and violence, skate culture provides a meaningful outlet to focus on. Learn more about it at The Face.

Image courtesy of The Face