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“One Year of Resistance” Group Show

On display now, 80+ artworks inspired by the current administration

On now at NYC’s The​ ​Untitled​ ​Space​, coinciding with the anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration, the group show ONE​ ​YEAR​ ​OF​ ​RESISTANCE features the work of 80+ artists—each of whom created pieces that celebrate art as activism, but also focus on various issues that US citizens are facing. Curated by ​Indira​ ​Cesarine (who also has work in the show), the exhibition explores everything from women’s and transgender rights to climate change, gun control, white supremacy, and more. Aptly, the artists themselves are from all backgrounds, ages and genders—but what binds them is protest and solidarity in the face of the current administration.

Works exist across several mediums—from neon sign art to paintings, sculpture and photography—and a portion of each artwork sold goes to the ACLU. Touba Alipour’s “Closed for Renovation” greets visitors immediately. The walls within the space are completely covered. Jen Dwyer’s “Objects of Mass Protection” (a sculpture of two porcelain boxing gloves), Alison Jackson’s “Donald Trump with Miss Mexico,” and Michele​ ​Pred​’s “My​ ​Body​ ​My​ ​Business” (a vintage​ ​purse embellished with electroluminescent wire) are all standouts.

Sure to inspire (or increase) solidarity among visitors, ONE​ ​YEAR​ ​OF​ ​RESISTANCE is on today through 4 February at The​ ​Untitled​ ​Space​, 45 Lispenard St, NYC.

Images courtesy of AF ​Communications


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