“Otherly” Documentary Film Series by Women, Non-Binary + Genderqueer Creators

PBS POV Spark partners with the National Film Board of Canada for a series on Instagram Stories

Seven diverse, short documentaries about finding one’s place in society will premiere through Otherly‘s Instagram Stories on 15 March. A collaboration between the PBS interactive division, called POV Spark, and the National Film Board of Canada (NFB), Otherly is a mixed media project that shines a light on the personal stories of women, non-binary and genderqueer creators. Stylistically, these films range from animation to live action, first-person to omniscient. Their storytelling scope is even more dynamic, touching upon tales of identity, freedom, reconciliation and loss.

Otherly’s powerful debut films were drawn from 169 submission proposals, after an open call in 2019 for storytellers from Canada and the US. POV Spark and NFB co-produced the series, with executive producers Opeyemi Olukemi (from POV) Spark and Anita Lee (from NFB). From Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist Grace An’s seven-minute movie to Emmy-nominated Los Angeles-based director and sound designer Jackie! Zhou‘s five-part exploration, in six- to 10-minute videos, each entry is as impactful as the next. And the best way to catch them all is by following along on Instagram, as the fleeting nature of the stories will likely mean they’re only available for a short time.

Images courtesy of Otherly