Patriarchy: Burn The Witch (Drab Majesty Remix)

From LA-based goth-pop act Patriarchy’s debut remix LP, Reverse Circumcision, Drab Majesty’s rework of “Burn The Witch” glitters and glows through a macabre haze. The forthcoming LP reimagines tracks from last year’s Patriarchy (aka Actually Huizenga) debut, Asking For It. Huizenga directed the evocative music video—which nods to Drab Majesty member Deb DeMure. “I texted, emailed or DM’d them,” Huizenga tells us of how she got in touch with all her collaborators. “I am acquainted with these people personally through work and/or play. Working with them was sort of like the feeling you get when a crush (who never seemed to notice you) suddenly gives you a flattering amount of attention. That, but in an artistic quarantine way. These interactions have been very fairytale fantastical for me (in both light and dark ways).” Today, Huizenga will host the “Patriarchy’s Bottom of the Pops” live stream on Dublab (4PM to 6PM EST) to perform four remixes, too.