Pioneer Works Launches Broadcast, an Online “Station for the Presently Stationary”

“There are times in history, defining moments in many of our lives, when we have taken that astronomical perspective… to view the sight of humanity as a whole: vulnerable, brave, afraid, cruel, compassionate,” Janna Levin (author, astrophysicist and Director of Sciences at Pioneer Works) writes. “From that astronomical perspective, humanity—in all its hyper-finely pixelated colors and languages and traditions and beliefs—resolves into a crisp portrait of one species on one Earth.” This statement introduces Broadcast, Pioneer Works’ online platform which aims to provoke thought and curiosity and “cultivates conversations on music, technology, science, and the arts.” Each transmission will be delivered to your inbox, should you subscribe, or the published articles can be accessed at any time on their site. Broadcast begins with a dedication to the late Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, an interview with Nick Flynn, an exhibition of virtual artwork. Find out more at Pioneer Works.