Pk Delay: Page 365

“This whole year been a real test / It didn’t go great, I don’t know why,” Pittsburgh artist Pk Delay (aka William Hawkins IV) raps on his final track of 2019, “Page 365.” Part of the artist’s 365 Project, a self-prescribed regiment of releasing a song every day for the entire calendar year, the track bids farewell to 2019 and welcomes what’s to come. Within, Hawkins details the loss of his grandfather and his older sister, getting fired from a job, the rigors of promoting tracks 24/7 and the trials of committing to a schedule that required extensive time in the studio and late nights toiling over Soundcloud and social media. He also sheds light on the consequences of pursuing music as a career. Rather than celebrating the mere creation, or the successes, of his tracks, Hawkins invites listeners in, letting them reflect on the conclusion of another year.