Premiere: “2 Lovers” by Dana and the Wolf

A ruminative, soulful single in advance of the duo's debut LP, LA Fade

Burbank-based duo Dana and the Wolf (aka Dana Hobson and Daniel Wolf) premiere “2 Lovers,” a thematic follow-up to April’s “It’s Too Late,” another considered exploration of non-monogamous relationships. From Hobson’s powerful, pliable vocals and soulfully sincere lyricism to the steady, supportive and percussive instrumental, the track rises into pensive anthemic artistry. Together for more than a decade, the couple, originally from Chicago, probe their personal relationship—and the nature of love in general—with a ferocious spirit, all in advance of their debut LP, LA FADE.

“When Dana had her first serious relationship outside of me, I would use my alone time to write,” Wolf tells us. “There was this tune I couldn’t get out of my head when I would go for walks. My jealousy manifested as a sort of sadness. It was scary at first, wondering if I could really trust Dana with being non-monogamous. Lyrically, since Dana only sings what she believes in, the song acted as a sort of confirmation in her belief of this lifestyle. So on top of it being kind of sad, it also told me that this was actually going to work.”

“Non-monogamy is a little bit of a feminist movement,” Hobson adds. “The concept is to not possess or own your partner. Whether sex is part of the equation or not, this control stunts growth and new ways of thinking.”

Wolf believes others could learn their relationship. “You’re not born monogamous, it’s not an orientation,” he says. “You’re choosing a lifestyle based on irrelevant and outdated principles. There’s a handful of reasons to elevate your style of living to non-monogamy. Autonomy: I do not own my partner and they don’t own me. Jealousy is a cloak for insecurity. With more partners, over time, you keep growing. Monogamy was stunting my growth in ways I couldn’t even imagine.”

“2 Lovers” and “It’s Too Late” offer plenty to be excited about—and both showcase sonic chemistry and fearless songwriting. Altogether, anticipation for the full-length album continues to escalate.

Images courtesy of Bryan Mederos