Premiere: “So Small” by Cody & Danz

A new DIY-style video accompanies the rocking collaborative track

In the midst of two bright and ever-burgeoning solo projects, Danz of Computer Magic and Cody Crump sat together one day to write a track. The process went so well that they ended up with an EP’s worth of collaborative music, released this July under the moniker Cody & Danz. The ease of their collaboration, despite living on opposite coasts, is reflected in the tracks—joyous, energetic and truly authentic demonstrations of their individual charm. Their latest release, an official video for the rambunctious So Small,” carries tremendous force without disrupting the pop sensibilities and musical intelligence of the two musicians. Directed by Derik Smith, the visuals offer a candid-like take on an ordinary hang with Crump and Danz. It’s simple, fun and works in tandem with the song.

“Do you ever feel like the tiniest, most insignificant, microscopic speck of nothingness in this universe, and don’t know how to make an impact?” Crump asks CH. “Well, that is what this song is about… and some other mumbo-jumbo too.” Danz adds that they “just wanted to have fun with the video, nothing was scripted. We did a few takes and fooled around, then this one ended up perfectly.” She flew out to LA for the shoot. “So Small” appears on Only The Hits, which in another surprising move, the band also released on cassette. We’ve been following Computer Magic for years and it’s safe to say Danz brings everything we love about that project here, successfully.

Images courtesy of Majken Christensen