Premiere: “Exquisite” by Holly Miranda feat. Kyp Malone

The TV on the Radio member directs a gently psychedelic music video for a collaborative track

One would be remiss to say that Holly Miranda‘s greatest asset is her voice. Of course, the unearthly power it conveys can quickly capture a listener, but there’s always more at play behind it. Her forthcoming album, Mutual Horse out 23 February on Dangerbird Records, attests to Miranda’s other skills—all of which complement these sublime vocals. There’s reinvention that rekindles what won fans in the first place, there’s her songwriting—which opens pathways to emotional reckoning—and, more than ever, there’s her ability to collaborate with exponential effect. With its official video premiering here, Miranda’s collaboration with TV on the Radio‘s Kyp Malone, “Exquisite” demonstrates the depth of all such efforts. Not only did the two co-write the track (partially about their longtime friendship and partially about conversations on taking inventory and responsibility for mistakes and failings) but Malone also directed the music video. Within, scenes of gentle, escalating psychedelia usher in intimate performance sections.

“I was happy to make this video and excited to see what images the sounds conjured,” Malone explains to CH. Miranda adds “Not only does Kyp give the best hugs on the universe, but he has the most beautiful voice, the most insightful and honest lyrics and now to add to that list he has made my absolute favorite music video. These images and animation directly communicate visually where we were emotionally writing this song together. Confronting ourselves. Owning our actions. Asking for forgiveness.” With all of that thoughtfully and chaotic emotionalism at play, they’ve produced something—as the song makes quite clear—exquisite.

Pre-order Mutual Horse online now for $10. Dangerbird Records will also be releasing a vinyl edition.

Images courtesy of Misha Vladimirskiy