Premiere: “Heaven Down Here” by Kate Clover

A turbo-charged tease of the recording artist's forthcoming debut album, "Bleed Your Heart Out"

With the electrifying new single “Heaven Down Here,” LA-based musician and songwriter Kate Clover further cements her rock-star reputation. Dizzying and delightfully retro with a present-day pulse, the track blazes forward on Clover’s vocals and guitar. It’s a turbo-charged tease of the recording artist’s debut album, Bleed Your Heart Out, which will release on 22 April. Clover directed the song’s official music video, which premieres here. Within the clever visuals, Clover performs in a glamorous ensemble as footage from a grainy western plays in the background.

“I wrote the lyrics while I was staying in Mexico City,” Clover tells COOL HUNTING about the song’s creation. “I had been thinking a lot about social ideals and how there is a prescribed concept of happiness. I don’t aspire to reach those norms and never felt as if I should. That song is about being content in your place in life.” Clover had the lyrics penned in one day’s time.

“The music video was inspired by Devo’s music video retrospective cassette, ‘We’re All Devo,'” she continues. “I have been making high production music videos this year so I wanted to challenge myself by making one by myself in my apartment with no budget. My friend and frequent collaborator Allan Wan stars in the video and helped film. I wanted to make something lo-fi, abstract and absurd. It was liberating to make something with as few people as possible.” Clover and Wan filmed it in one hour—she turned it in to her label one week later.

Throughout Clover’s career, her sonic styles have oscillated—though always with an ingrained affinity for the frenetic and catchy. Recently, she even unveiled a thrilling, sultry collaborative cover of Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made For Walking” with Warren Thomas. As for how she came to find her signatures, she explains that it’s “intuition and self-expression. I have always been inspired by LA punk and was deeply inspired by the Germs, Gun Club and X for this album. In fact, the album title comes from a Germs song.”

There’s already been a lot of attention circulating around Bleed Your Heart Out. Now, we’re on the precipice of its debut. “It feels like the biggest piece of the puzzle will finally be revealed,” Clover says. “It has enabled me to be creative in so many ways that I am happy to finally be able to share it with the world.”

Clover has spent the last year “creating some new projects which will be revealed soon,” but she’ll soon embark on a North American tour to support her album. “I love touring! I can’t wait to get back out there, I want to play to as many people as possible,” she says. Concertgoers can likely expect the same tour-de-force energy in-person, too.

Images courtesy of Allan Wan