Premiere: My Baby’s Gone by Boulevards

The newest single from his forthcoming record 'YADIG!'

New from modern funk singer/songwriter Boulevards, the high-energy “My Baby’s Gone” sounds like a throwback and contemporary jam at the same time. Composed by Rush Midnight (aka Russ Manning) and written by Boulevards (aka Jamil Rashad), the song (from the upcoming YADIG!) melds together funk, rock, blues and more, for a dynamic and satisfying tune. “Rhythm & Blues is the foundation of funk. Ed Cochran, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Muddy Waters, Bo Diddly all laid down that foundation for the funk,” Rashad tells us. “While writing the record I was listening to a lot of country soul as well. Russ just came up with the riff and everything else just happened organically as we built the song.”

On the upcoming record, he says, “YADIG! is inspired by by the basics of funk. 1960s/1970s dance grooves from back in the day. I’ll watch blaxploitation movies and growing up my father used to play funk and blues records in the house. In the last couple of years, I’ve been going to dance parties where DJs are playing old 45s where you hear the dust and dirt. People just sweating and vibing. That’s the type of records we strive to make. Russell helped with the sound and rawness of the record.”

Image by Hannah Finch